Extensions Manager

The given function serves that each user of the program could carry out own hands necessary for it in the function program. Extensions work on one of the most popular programming languages for a web — php.

List of plugins

On this page it is possible to find the list of plugins already ready to application for Zebroid. For the convenience, all plugins are divided on categories. As use that or other plugin it is possible to read in a window plugins, in the program already after its installation.

Plugin installation

Installation of ready plug-ins passes in 3 simple stages.

Server installation

To have possibility to use plug-ins — it is necessary to establish at first PHP the server. The server is necessary for placing in a folder "Zebroid\php plugins\server\". Version PHP necessarily should be 5.3. The server you can use the, or download adjusted by us:

PHP server.7zSize: 7,58 Mb

Usage of plugins

Plugins (expansions) are modules which supplement or expand program possibilities. Feature of plugins of Zebroid consists that they have an open initial code (everyone can bring editings necessary for it in already existing modules) and they are created on known for much programming language PHP.