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Import via XML-RPC protocol

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In program: Project → XML-RPC Posting
Import in XML-RPC is an operation of carrying over of contents on a site in the program.

Import under this report the extremely simple thing. The only thing that is required from the user is to enter the site address, broad gulls and the password, and the program will make the rest itself. It is necessary as to notice that during import identifiers of articles and the reference to them so at use of synchronization of article will be edited remain, instead of to be distinguished as new.

As the interesting moment is that if to import not to the empty project, about the program will compare existing names of categories and articles that on a blog and will not create their doubles but only will appropriate the identifier existing and will create not existing.

Attention: if during import at you categories were imported only, but are not present in the project of any article — means to the server it was not possible to generate the answer for the program as on sow too many posts. It not the program bug, is a report lack. He does not expect import of posts by parts.