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XLS, CSV import profiles

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In program: Project → Import → XSL import profiles
To have possibility correctly to import XSL (CSV, XLSX) files, the program needs to explain and whence to it needs to take what values. For this purpose it is necessary to create a profile of import XSL.

Profiles of import XLS (tab «import Options»)

Profiles of import XLS (tab «import Options»)

To create a working profile, it is necessary to specify only what columns in a file for what I answer. On a screenshot the profile example in 3 columns is shown: in the first — the category name, in the second article name, and in thirds text of article.

If it is necessary to keep from any column the data in add. Fields in the column «Parameter» the name доп is underlined. Fields (the name is typed manually, instead of gets out from the list).
If in a file in the first line goes the file cap (the description of each column which it is not necessary to import) — mark an option "First line — a cap ".

If at you in a file the first line — the cap and names of columns in it corresponds to a format of Zebroid — that you can load this data into a profile having caused the contextual menu and having chosen point "to Import the list from XLS "

As there is a possibility to specify the format of the text of record which can consist of several columns. For this purpose we activate an option "The format of the text " and we adjust a format in the second вкладке options.

Profiles of import XLS (tab «the Text of articles»)

Profiles of import XLS (tab « the Text of articles »)

Places in which there should be cell contents registers in a format:


Example it is visible on a screenshot.