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As much know, texts without pictures are worse perceived at reading and have less appeal. As about it it is perfectly known also to search engines therefore it is quite probable that at ranging of results of delivery, presence in the text of a thematic picture is welcomed. But search of thematic pictures difficult enough and long process. The tool «the picture Internet» is engaged in the decision of this problem. Inherently it парсер pictures from search engines, but is a bit more difficult, than it usually happens.

Filling of article by pictures from SE

Filling of article by pictures from SE

The tool works behind a following principle:

  1. It is adjusted parser
  2. Options of an insert of pictures are specified
  3. Parsing of pictures Is started. At this stage the program searches on the set parameters of a picture, keeps miniatures on the computer (in a time directory of the program) and remembers ways to full pictures
  4. User chooses the necessary pictures for each post by post and allocation activation preview on tab «Preview»
  5. the button Is pressed «Keep and add» then the program swings full pictures and inserts them into the necessary articles

As there is a possibility to pass a manual part of work and to entrust all to the program. In that case 4 and 5 it is not necessary to do steps, but quality of the pictures chosen by the program completely depends on good luck.


Parsing options consist of several parts:

  • search Options — In the given block gets out by what words to make inquiries of search of pictures, how many delivery pages parse and in what searchers. As there is a possibility automatically to choose necessary quantity of pictures for each article (in a case if not so much important quality of selected pictures)
  • Choice of a place of an insert — where I will be inserted the chosen drawings
  • Picture Alignment — is underlined property align for inserted pictures
  • Adjustment of the sizes of a picture
  • the attribute Source alt pictures — by what principle will be will be filled attribute alt pictures
  • to Keep pictures in a project folder — this option specifies to the program that it is necessary to pass by a folder temp and to keep pictures at once in a program folder

Let's more detailed stop on preservation of pictures in a project folder. Such way will allow to avoid long process of copying of pictures during project preservation, but at the same time it adds some difficulties: if after work of the tool not to keep the project pictures remain in a project folder though will not be used in texts. In this case you will need to remove from a folder superfluous pictures, differently in the future can there will be problems with addition of new pictures in the project. Therefore it is not recommended to use this option except those cases when you work with very considerable quantity of pictures.


In tab «Preview» the user chooses to each article the pictures found the program (if the automatic choice is not used). For this purpose, it at first should activate article for which will choose pictures (a tree of articles is in the left part of a window), and then, from the having list to choose drawings as which considers as the most suitable, using for this purpose double cliques under images.

Whether to freshen the memory and to check up the given picture approaches to article, it is possible to look at article text in last вкладке tool windows.

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