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XML-RPC export

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In program: Project → XML-RPC Posting
XML-RPC Posting is a technology that allows to fill in articles on a site completely automatically (including and drawings). List CMS which support XML-RPC can be found on page with the list of platforms supported by Zebroid .

In most cases for this purpose, what to have possibility to create new articles through the program on technology XML-RPC it is necessary to establish only module XML-RPC on a site (read on pages interesting you CMS ) more detailed and as to create a posting profile having specified the data of access to a site.

XML-RPC Posting in Zebroid works in several modes:

  1. Import — import of a contained site to the program
  2. Export — project export on a site
  3. Synchronization — synchronisation of the project with a site. The program will remove superfluous articles from a site, will add lacking and will edit available
  4. Crossposting — Crossposting articles in some blogs. In the basic blog, full article gets to the others — truncated article with the reference to the main blog
  5. Mass posting — sending of articles of the project simultaneously in some different blogs
  6. Mass clearing — removal of all articles from noted blogs
  7. Search of non-working accounts — search забаненных accounts or accounts with the incorrect data for an input

Before use of any of modes it is recommended will familiarise with article of the documentation on it.

During posting on XML-RPC the program conducts a posting broad gull. If you had any difficulties or not clear errors — address in technical support necessarily having added to the message a full broad gull of posting . To receive this broad gull it is possible having caused the contextual menu at a window of a broad gull and having chosen point «to Export → the Full broad gull»