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Posting Twitter

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Posting in Twitter is a sending of messages in a popular network of microblogs. It is considered that this network is ideally suited for acceleration of indexation of sites, and in case of use of the untwisted accounts — also for target audience attraction.

Sending of messages in Twitter

Sending of messages in Twitter

That the program sent your messages in Twitter, it is necessary to add accounts and to adjust the program.

Attention: the tool supports a multithreading, but to use it it is recommended ONLY if you publish posts by means of a proxy. In all other cases to put it is more than 1 stream extremely it is not recommended. I hope you understand that when from one IP in one blog a considerable quantity of posts it looks to put it mildly suspiciously in parallel fasts.

the Tree of profiles Twitter

the Tree of profiles of posting comprises the profiles kept in programs for posting broken on categories. In a tree it is necessary to distinguish 2 types of allocation of record for posting: active and noted:

  1. Active record is a record on against which costs triangular стрелочка and which options are shown at present in profile options. At once time can activate only one record. Active record is used for import, synchronisation, export
  2. Noted record is a record opposite to which there is a tick. Noted records can be as much as necessary, they play a key role at mass posting and check

Management of a tree occurs to the help of a call of the contextual menu. Among these points is such as "to Import from the buffer " and "to Export to the buffer ". They allow to add quickly a considerable quantity of accounts or to receive all options of already added accounts.

Format of import/export of profiles the following:


Apparently as a divider the semicolon acts, but instead of it as it is possible to use a tabulation symbol.

The first parametre the PROFILE and last the PROXY not the obligatory. In an example the second line shows what should be a format of the imported line without this parametre.

it is possible to fix the proxy To each profile. At posting with use of a proxy the program will use only this proxy. To assign to a proxy account it is possible Several ways: to add manually or by means of the contextual menu to take from the list.

Mass posting Twitter

Mass posting is intended for simultaneous posting in some blogs from one project.

Mass posting in Twitter

Mass posting in Twitter

The essence of mass posting consists that there is a possibility to fill at once some blogs any quantity of a content. Truth is also minuses — it is impossible to expect in what blog what article will get (though indirectly this process can be supervised, about what will be described more low).

To use mass posting, it is necessary to note only ticks those blogs which will participate in posting, to choose the necessary options and to change a mode for the corresponding.

Adjustment of parametres of mass posting:

  • to Send posts
    • All — all posts of the active project will participate in posting
    • Only new posts — will participate only those posts, which else never participated in export by means of posting
    • Before certain date — those posts, which date participate only less or is equal specified in «Additional conditions» (more low)
    • the Limited quantity — the first participate n posts (the quantity of posts is underlined in «Additional conditions»)
    • the Limited quantity (on each blog) — similarly previous, only is underlined not total, and quantity of messages which will be sent in each blog
  • the Way of a choice of posts for posting
    • Under one article on a circle — each post in a new account and so on a circle, posts
    • yet will not end will be published in this case
    • On a category on a circle — all posts from one category in a new account and so on a circle, categories
    • yet will not end will be published in this case
    • Dependence: the category name — a group name — allows to supervise this way process of hit of posts in the necessary blogs. A category name in which there are posts should coincide with a group name in which there are profiles of blogs (an example )
    • Dependence: the category name — a profile name — allows to supervise this way process of hit of posts in the necessary blogs. The name of a profile of a blog should coincide with a name of a category of the project (an example )
    • Each article in each blog — in this case the program will send all posts in all blogs
  • Postit, will not come to an end yet blogs — in case any profiles will not manage posts, the program reuses already messages earlier published on another blogs. If this option is not active, Zebroid will not allow, that any message simultaneously has been sent in some blogs
  • the Pause between messages — a pause between sending of messages (it is possible to use a range)
  • the Pause between messages in different blogs — a pause between sending of messages in different blogs at posting in one stream. It is used, that there was a delay between logins in разнае accounts (it is possible to use a range)
  • to Make multiple copies articles — necessity to apply a template of reproduction of articles before the publication of the text of the message. Besides profile activation it is necessary to choose one of profiles options for reproduction (that the program knew by what principle the template is made)