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In this article the most popular is described in Zebroid an export kind — export in XML files (still it is called «usual export»).

the Window of export Zebroid

the Window of export Zebroid

For project export it is necessary to choose only export type (to see this window it is necessary to press button «Export») and, if necessary, to specify restriction on the size of a file.

Restriction on the size of a generated file is necessary in cases when on the server there is a restriction on the size of a loaded file. In this case instead of one big file the program generates some parts of the smaller size. You will need to import these files in CMS by turns.

it is important to know: files which are necessary for importing through админку yours CMS are result of generation of usual export. To majority CMS, before import of these files, it is necessary to establish the import module still. To each of CMS you will find references to the necessary pages of the documentation on page the list of supported platforms


As it is necessary to know that if you use usual export in which result the program generates a file which then it is necessary to import in CMS, and at articles there were pictures together with a file, in the same folder the program will create a folder with pictures which it is necessary to fill in manually in a root of a site by means of the FTP-client. Names of a folder with pictures can you will cause a stir depending on CMS in which export. For example, if it WordPress the folder will have the name «wp-content» if it Zebrum Lite — «images» etc. As in options you can change a name of a folder with drawings depending on wishes.