Функция постинга статей в системы и CMS, в которые штатными средствами постинг сделать не получается. По своей сути Zebroid просто управляет браузером, по одной добавляя статьи через админку сайта. Плюсы такого подхода состоят в том, что можно работать практически любыми сайтами на любой платформе, а минусы в скорости наполнения.

Export and uploading

By means of this tool it is possible to make export and automatic pouring of the file created by Zebroidom in CMS needlessly to come in админку a blog and to fill in graphic files on FTP. It facilitates the general process of export, but demands the minimum knowledge of how there is an interaction of Zebroida with it is necessary CMS. Therefore to beginners, before use of this tool, it is recommended to export at least time the project without its help.

Export to forum

Given article describes the cores the moment on preparation of the project for export to forums (forum generation ).

Export to MS Excel

Export in Excel is export of the project in the form of table MS Excel. Besides export to format Microsoft Office the program is able to export and format CSV very close to it. Presence of established package Microsoft Office on the computer is not required.

Export to static sites

If you want to refuse use CMS, or there is a necessity to use site on pure HTML — that is function for you. It is intended for site generation on pure HTML or on PHP on include with structure on similarity of structure of sites Zebrum Lite.

Export with custom format

Export to an adjusted format serves for possibility of creation of a content in a format simple CMS on a file or for export to the necessary (individual) format for the user. As it is applied to export of the project to separate text files.

Posting Twitter

Posting in Twitter is a sending of messages in a popular network of microblogs. It is considered that this network is ideally suited for acceleration of indexation of sites, and in case of use of the untwisted accounts — also for target audience attraction.

Posting VK.com

With the help posting in groups Vkontaket you have a possibility quickly and without superfluous efforts to fill the groups and publics in one of the most popular social networks of a RuNet. Zebroid is able постить text messages, messages with one or several pictures, and as messages with the postponed date of the publication. And it it is possible to do all at once in some accounts.

Project export

In this article the most popular is described in Zebroid an export kind — export in XML files (still it is called «usual export»).

XML-RPC export

XML-RPC Posting is a technology that allows to fill in articles on a site completely automatically (including and drawings). List CMS which support XML-RPC can be found on page with the list of platforms supported by Zebroid .