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Creation of scripts of export and uploading

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In the program there is a possibility independently to create scripts export and uploading in necessary to you CMS. The minimum set of knowledge which is necessary for creation of these a script, it HTML and experience of creation of scripts of Autoposting (as work of this tool is based on scripts of autoposting and).

Scripts are in separate folders which in turn are in a folder Zebroid\resources\export-upload profiles\. The script name undertakes by name of folders. Scripts consist of following files:

  • icon.png — icon CMS in the size 16х16
  • settings.ini — a file with the basic options of a script (the file format is described more low)
  • script.pas — a file with a script of sending of files in админку a site (the file format is described more low)
  • macroses.txt — the list of macros for scripts script.pas. As a matter of fact it is the list of additional fields (the file format is described more low)

Format of file settings.ini (On an example adjusted for WordPress):


File fields of settings.ini:

  • send_images_to — the Folder in which to send contents of a folder with pictures
  • send_file_to — Where to send the file generated by the program (in case program generates a set of files and folders — then they go all to the specified directory)
  • cms_id — Identifier CMS on which the program knows in what format to generate project files

List of identifiers for CMS:

  1. Zebrum Lite
  2. WordPress
  3. DLE
  4. MaxSite
  5. Joomla 1.x — 2.x
  6. NetCat
  7. Rumba
  8. Blogger
  9. MODx
  10. Drupal
  11. Kandidat CMS
  12. Umi shop
  13. LiveStreet
  14. Instant CMS
  15. phpBB 3
  16. Joomla 3.x
  17. SMF
  18. TYPO3
  19. HostCMS

File format script.pas

program Uploader;

procedure Login();
  // Login script in admin panel

procedure SendFile(path:string);
  // Script of uploading of a file which is on the way path in admin panel of site

Scripts are written with use of all possibilities of scripts of autoposting Zebroid. Both specified above procedure should necessarily be in a script file. Standard macros: $LOGIN — it is replaced with login, $PASS — it is replaced with the password specified by the user. As there is a possibility to expand quantity of macros having described them in macroses.txt . All macroses should not be in unary inverted commas.

File format macroses.txt :


Macro Name can be any. It as a matter of fact that the program searches before script start to replace with value. Description is what to see the user in the list add. fields which it is necessary for it to fill at account creation. value by default is a value which is established before the user will enter it.

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