XML RPC Posting mode

Project export under report XML-RPC one of the most simple (in respect of options) export kinds. But it has one lack about which it is necessary to know — articles are filled in on one and if the project big — that it can occupy some time. Besides, during creation of articles, on the server notable loading therefore insistently it is not recommended to use this kind of export on the big projects at posting on cheap or weak servers is created.

XML-RPC export

XML-RPC Posting is a technology that allows to fill in articles on a site completely automatically (including and drawings). List CMS which support XML-RPC can be found on page with the list of platforms supported by Zebroid .

Import via XML-RPC protocol

Import in XML-RPC is an operation of carrying over of contents on a site in the program.

Import under this report the extremely simple thing. The only thing that is required from the user is to enter the site address, broad gulls and the password, and the program will make the rest itself. It is necessary as to notice that during import identifiers of articles and the reference to them so at use of synchronization of article will be edited remain, instead of to be distinguished as new.