Custom code insertion

The tool for an insert of a code necessary for the user in texts of articles. It is used for arrangement of a code of division of article on коротку and full news, inserts of codes of stock exchanges, банеров etc.

Split articles

The tool Breakdown of articles allows to break the big articles into smaller to the signs necessary to the user. As this tool is applied after import of text files, to their subsequent breakdown on separate articles.

Related articles

Similar articles — the tool which searches for articles similar on flowing and inserts on them the reference in the end of the text. It allows competently перелинковать the project.

Search and replace

By means of it the menu you can carry out search and replacement under all documents in the project. It can be both cleaning from unnecessary symbols, and replacement of one variant by the second. The tool supports regular expressions and search in several fields of article (heading, the text, the description etc.).

Relink report

The report of results of relinking, the analysis relinking the project. This window appears after operation product relinking or after its call from the program main menu. In the first case the program will show only those links which have been established during time relinking, in the second case — all links in the project (or in noted articles if the mode of a partial choice is included).