Settings - Lists

Options of display of lists in the program. In this window the user can define, he wants to have what condition of lists at opening of different tools. Lists can be or are completely developed (it is visible all categories and tree elements) or are completely curtailed (it is visible only to a category of the first level, other elements can be seen having developed the necessary categories).

Settings - Images

Options of work of the program with drawings. These options are responsible for formation of names to drawings at their addition in the project or parsing from search engines. Options remain only for the current project.

Settings - Program

Settings of program Zebroid. These Settings global also do not depend on the current project.

Settings - Spelling

Options responsible for spelling in the editor of an initial code of article. There is a possibility to add the words and as to use simultaneously some dictionaries.

Settings - Project

Options that concern directly the active project of the program. The majority of options of this

вкладки is not recommended to be used if on it there are no reasons or you do not understand their mission.