Settigs - Autosaving

Project autosaving allows to avoid a situation of loss of the data because of failure in work of the computer, light switching-off, not true actions of the user or failure in the program. The program does background preservation of the project which can be restored in the project manager later in certain time intervals.

General settings XML RPC

Without dependence from a posting mode, in XML-RPC there are the general for all adjustment.

Setting templates in program

Practically in every program tool, one can see control unit of tools templates. This is a very useful and convenient functional. It allows storing of different variant of tool settings in the profile. Users have to choose the necessary profile to activate these settings.

Settings - CMS export

Options which concern directly export process in CMS. Options remain only for the active project.

Settings - CNC

Options of formation of references for internal перелинковки. As the program does not know exact addresses of articles which will define to it CMS after export during creation internal перелинковки, Zebrodi tries to «guess» them (at correct options chance of guessing of 100 %) being guided by these rules. Options remain only for the current project.