projects types

Import in mode of multisite project

Multisite projects — very convenient way of simultaneous work with several projects. But on by convenient work, it is necessary also convenient import with automatic breakdown of an imported content on sites. In this article I will describe current variants of such import.

Project type: Blog with comments/Forum

The basic feature of this type of the project is that the project tree consists not of 2 types of records as usual — a category and a post, and from three: a category, a post, the comment (for forums it is a forum, a theme, the message). The type of the project a blog with comments (it is set in project options) is a new branch of development of the program. Now besides possibility of pouring of articles and categories there was a possibility to export also comments to these articles.

Project type: Multisite project

The basic idea ща multisite projects — project creation under some sites. Earlier, in Zebroide, one project = one site, and accordingly was not very important (in respect of creation of satellites) functions — перелинковка between projects. Methods перелинковки several projects were, but to name their convenient language did not turn. Now, all that is necessary for you is one multisite the project at which export the program itself will create necessary quantity of export files, and all internal references will have the necessary format.

Besides it is not obligatory to do it only for the sake of перелинковки. The multisite project is convenient that it is possible to do the same processings for several sites simultaneously.