Auto maps

Инструмент «Автокарты» создан для облегчения процесса поиска и вставки в тексты статей Google карт. Необходимость в добавлении карт может быть разной: создание сайтов-справочников, сайты объявлений, увеличение «человечности» дорвеев и т.д. В любом из этих случаев добавлять карты можно как полностью автоматическом режиме, так и в полу-автоматическом (под контролем у пользователя).

Auto video

Problem of this tool — search of video of rollers in keywords and parsing of their code with the subsequent insert in project articles.

Proxy checking and parsing

This tool is used for parsing of public lists of a proxy, and as checks of their quality. It is recommended to use each time before start of tools of demanding proxies if you are not assured of their quality.

Web images

As much know, texts without pictures are worse perceived at reading and have less appeal. As about it it is perfectly known also to search engines therefore it is quite probable that at ranging of results of delivery, presence in the text of a thematic picture is welcomed. But search of thematic pictures difficult enough and long process. The tool «the picture Internet» is engaged in the decision of this problem. Inherently it парсер pictures from search engines, but is a bit more difficult, than it usually happens.