Keywords diversification

If you have a necessity to add in texts of articles certain keywords then you will be helped by the tool «Podmeshivanie of keywords». The program inserts keywords as is without morphology therefore given функционал will not approach for articles of sites of level СДЛ.

Keywords desity

This tool is intended for definition of density of keywords. The user enters the list of words which he wants to check up, and the program shows as often these words meet in relation to another.

Text decoration

Zebroid is able not only to search automatically for labels to each article, but also then to allocate these labels in texts, concluding them in necessary to the user теги (strong, em, b, i). As, besides allocation of keywords in texts, the program is able to conclude some paragraphs in теги citing that in some measure as influences uniqueness and appeal of texts.

Keywords selection

Selection of keywords facilitates a problem of a choice of keywords for site advancement in LF and СЧ. The given tool is useful for using, when you want to receive the additional traffic on low-frequency keywords, but do not know with which words better to work, to receive the best result.