Auto comments

The tool is intended for creation of comments of posts with necessary keywords or with references to necessary sites. Very well approaches for разбавление posts even not very thematic keywords.

Split articles

The tool Breakdown of articles allows to break the big articles into smaller to the signs necessary to the user. As this tool is applied after import of text files, to their subsequent breakdown on separate articles.

Batch projects creating

Package creation of projects allows to create set of projects and to import to them a content from the specified folders. Names of projects will correspond to names of folders from which it makes import. If the user specifies 5 folders the program will be created by 5 projects and to each of them imports files from a corresponding folder.

Import via XML-RPC protocol

Import in XML-RPC is an operation of carrying over of contents on a site in the program.

Import under this report the extremely simple thing. The only thing that is required from the user is to enter the site address, broad gulls and the password, and the program will make the rest itself. It is necessary as to notice that during import identifiers of articles and the reference to them so at use of synchronization of article will be edited remain, instead of to be distinguished as new.

Import in mode of multisite project

Multisite projects — very convenient way of simultaneous work with several projects. But on by convenient work, it is necessary also convenient import with automatic breakdown of an imported content on sites. In this article I will describe current variants of such import.