Unique images

Unique project images — helps to alter a few the image thereby doing their unique in the opinion of search engines.

Mini galeries

This tool allows to insert thematically miniatures with the reference to an original picture. Appeal of article both for

SE, and for users thus increases. Difference from other tools of autopictures consists that he creates similarity of small gallery in article. If on a site plug-in LightBox pictures will look even more effectively is established.

Mass processing of images

Mass processing of pictures — is intended for processing of pictures the project and their codes in project texts. Carries out such functions as mass change of the sizes of pictures, clearing and change of attributes, alignments etc.

Local images

If you already have ready sets approaching for an insert in texts of pictures — then the tool «Local pictures» that is necessary for you. It takes images from the folder specified by the user and inserts them into project articles.

Settings - CMS export

Options which concern directly export process in CMS. Options remain only for the active project.