Export to static sites

If you want to refuse use CMS, or there is a necessity to use site on pure HTML — that is function for you. It is intended for site generation on pure HTML or on PHP on include with structure on similarity of structure of sites Zebrum Lite.

Export and uploading

By means of this tool it is possible to make export and automatic pouring of the file created by Zebroidom in CMS needlessly to come in админку a blog and to fill in graphic files on FTP. It facilitates the general process of export, but demands the minimum knowledge of how there is an interaction of Zebroida with it is necessary CMS. Therefore to beginners, before use of this tool, it is recommended to export at least time the project without its help.

Upload/download images

There are situations, when it is necessary to upload in all pictures of the project on external servers not to load the. And happen also opposite — it is necessary to download all pictures under references and to store them in the project that in the future they have got on your server. In the decision of these problems the tool «Pouring/downloading of pictures» also is engaged.

FTP accounts

These accounts are used in tools such as: CMS Installer, Export and uploading , Upload/download images etc.

It does not matter for what tool you need to create accounts, the settings are the same.