Update: version 4.8.0 (Auto Maps)

So we've made new Zebroid update.

You can check another new tool — Auto Maps.

Selection of maps for articles

This tool allows you to search maps, addresses, phone numbers through a Google search using the necessary user requests and insert them in the text of articles.

SupportSupport20 December 2013, 20:01


Update: version 4.7.8 (Export to TYPO3)

Another update due to schedule

In this update was implemented support for exports to CMF TYPO3.

This CMF is one of the most popular in the world and its capabilities is not inferior to commercial ones. It also supports multisite (manage multiple sites from one admin panel), which should be greatly appreciated by the creators of satellites, doorways, etc.

SupportSupport2 December 2013, 17:59


New Zebroid version and new site engine

We have working for a while to make new features of Zebroid like:

  • Facebook posting
  • Twitter posting
  • and other

Also we made a new site, so it is now easier to learn how Zebroid works, and now we changing all documentation.

In this case in order to compensate all time without updates each active user gets 3 more moth of free updates.

adminadmin24 November 2013, 18:21


Update: version 4.6.2 (Few Updates)


  • HTML editing features in the tool «Cleaning the headlines and articles»
  • Module for control sheduled comments (publication date of which has not yet occurred) for DLE
  • Autoposting API: a new feature for the browser Chromium (KeyPress)
  • Statistics at the end of the „Fields Collector“
  • Drop-macro: support for macro {DATE} in the name of the folder to export
  • Drop-macro: support for macro for the file name in Excel export is similar to those that exist in the normal export

adminadmin26 September 2013, 03:12


Update: version 4.6.0 (SSH + Autosave)


  • Support for the SSH in «drop-macro» tools (for custom scripts), «CMS installer» (unpacking of archives and acceleration of the installation process)
  • The script that automatically install Kandidat CMS
  • Script to export and upload for LiveStreet CMS
  • Script to export and upload for Drupal 7
  • Autosave of projects (is off by default)
  • Web Images: a new type of distribution of pictures — all files in alphabetical order
  • Partial selection mode: mark posts that are less than a certain number of characters

adminadmin12 September 2013, 03:14