Update 5.2.6


  • Drop-macro: support «CMS Installer” tool
  • Drop-macro: support for import of standart autoposting profiles
  • New tools: URL shortener
  • Macro [NOSYN]...[/NOSYN], which prevents text changes in spinned text (Zebroid spinner and TheBestSpinner)

  • Module to import DLE files: Searc of articles can be carried out by alt_name of article, and by article title and category
  • CSV Import works in mode of saving structure even if in the CSV we use categories
  • Greatly improved import of DLE materials plugin: design adapted to the new design of DLE admin, we can control the materials in coincidence with the existing (skip/edit/add) and displays the name of the last imported file for investment casting process of multiple files with articles
  • Export to Excel: column letter is selected automatically when adding a new rule (depending on the previous value)
  • Auto paragraphs: program does not frame h1-h6, ul, ol tags with paragraphs tags
  • Minor improvements


  • Blogger XML-RPC: Zebroid did not work with sites that are more than 25 in a Blogger account with many sites
  • TheBestSpinner did not work with multisite projects
  • Minor bugs

SupportSupport9 April 2015, 14:46


Update 5.1.2

We keep updating Zebroid, keep fixing bugs and making new functions )

List of changes

SupportSupport9 September 2014, 14:51


Update 5.0.6 (Posting to Google+)

Some crucial updates were made to improve stability and user experience.

If you'll have some problems with updates, please paste new hardware id in your license manager, generate new key file and download new updater here —

SupportSupport10 June 2014, 19:10


Zebroid 5

Zebroid 5

Official release of 5th version of Zebroid.

SupportSupport9 April 2014, 16:59


Update 4.8.2. (Export to HostCMS)

In this update we've added support for HostCMS.

HostCMS — convenient, fast and modern content management system open source, allowing you to create websites of any complexity. It allows you to manage multiple sites from one admin. We will not advertise it, who worked one knows better all the advantages of working with this CMS.

Just want to remind you that the Christmas discounts on Zebroid continues. If you have not purchased the program — it's your chance to save money and get a great tool at a very affordable price.

SupportSupport13 January 2014, 12:21