About the program

Zebroid obtains the extensive functionality on working with websites. With the help of Zebroid you will be able to easily create and fill in websites regardless their type. This program copes both with creating websites for people and doorways. Using different tools set is the only one difference while you are working with various website types.

Below you can find the table with the list of available tools with their brief description. Besides this, this table presents the difference in full version functionality in comparison to trial version of Zebroid.

For more details, you are recommended to download the demo version of Zebroid or read documentation and manual. This will help to study all the options of the functionality you are interested in.

Program's list of features

Name Full version Demo version Description
Import of the content Import of the content from the files of different formats (HTML, XML, XLS, SQL,TXT) to program
RSS Import Import of the content out of RSS feed. Full version parsing is available.
Export of the project Export of the project to more than 50 CMS and services. The full list is available on this page: List of CMS
XML-RPC ( remote posting) Posting over the XML-RPC protocol. The Program us able to post to one or several blogs. You should even not enter the website.
Search and Replace Replacement the content for the whole project. You can create the required set of replacement rules and activate them with a few clicks whenever you want.
Bulk insert of code An insert of the required code to the pointed place to all parts of projects.
Selection of tags Search and setting of relevant tags for each article. Both, automatic and semi-automatic modes are presented.
Deleting of headings and articles Automatic deleting of headings and irrelevant articles.
Duplicates deleting Search and deleting of duplicate articles by using the shingle method. The program compares thousands of articles with each other in several minutes.
Postponed publication The powerful tool that helps to parcel by dates and let you to publish posts with the required intensity.
The mass picture posting Helps to add pictures into texts from the indicated by the user folder or an automatic search on relevant search queries.
Pictures Uploading Pictures uploading to the chosen by user picture hosting or to the own server via FTP.
Pictures Downloading Downloading pictures, linked to the texts, to the project folder. Is required for picture storage on their own servers.
PHP plugin support Support of program plugins created at PHP platform. It gives us an opportunity to widen program’s option. The set of dozens prepared plugins is available as well.
Macros of actions Ability to create your own scenario to handle projects by program and initiate them in a couple of clicks.
Google translate Translating of texts by using all Google translate options.
To make all pictures unique The tool for processing pictures, that helps to make them more unique for search engines.
Article division Article division to several separate by using the chosen set of rules.
Distribution over categories An automatic distribution of posts over categories.
Video parser Search and integration into articles of themed video. A number of popular video services is supported.
CMS installer An automate installation of some popular CMS to your server without the need for manual intervention in the process.
Sinonymizer The inbuilt text synonymizer. It works very fast. The quality of synonymizing depends directly on the used vocabularies.
Proxy Support Proxy support by all the required tools. The program can check if they are active.
Outlining key words Selection of keywords and their allocation with tags strong, em, b, i.
An automatic relink Internal and external relink for your desired keywords.
Handling multiple projects Handling multiple projects using pre-prepared scripts to start various Zebroid’s tools.
Text unicity Stirring sentences and paragraphs by shuffle option for higher levels of uniqueness.
Keyword density Checking the density of the key words.
Auto commentaries Auto commentaries for the articles prepared by the user template. It helps to raise page position by the number of keywords.
Task scheduler Running tools program relating to the user’s defined schedule.
Generation of projects for other programs Generation of projects for programs AllSubmitter, XRumer, Zhukladochnik and Sapient Social Submitter